SCALE-UP creator Robert Beichner speaking at FSU on Wednesday morning

North Carolina State University Physics Professor Robert Beichner, the creator of the SCALE-UP instructional model, will be giving a seminar talk at FSU this Wednesday morning at 9:30 am.  The talk, which will be given in the seminar room on the 4th floor of the Dirac Science Library (499 DSL), is titled, “Introduction to the Student-Centered Active Learning Environment with Upside-down Pedagogies (SCALE-UP) Project”.

An abstract:

This project combines curricula and a specially-designed instructional space to enhance learning. SCALE-UP students practice communication and teamwork skills while performing activities that enhance their conceptual understanding and problem solving skills. This can be done with small or large classes and has been implemented at more than 250 institutions nationwide.

Educational research indicates that students should collaborate on interesting tasks and be deeply involved with the material they are studying. SCALE-UP classtime is spent primarily on “tangibles” and “ponderables”—hands-on measurements/observations and interesting questions. There are also computer simulations (called “visibles”) and hypothesis-driven labs. Students sit at tables designed to facilitate group interactions. Instructors circulate and engage in Socratic dialogues. The setting looks like a banquet hall, with lively interactions nearly all the time. Impressive learning gains have been measured at institutions across the US and internationally.

Class Panorama

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