No, an English major doesn’t usually get paid as much as a computer science major: Some data from a 2015 report of the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce

The higher education summit hosted by Governor Scott in Orlando last week stirred up some strong feelings about the purpose of higher education in Florida (for example, see Diane Roberts’ piece here).

Students choose their careers with advice from parents, teachers, professors and others.  But in making their choices, students should at least be aware that their career decisions have consequences.  One of those consequences is economic.  The chart below lists average salaries for bachelor’s degree grads in 53 majors compiled by the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce in a report released last year.  These majors are available at FSU, and are fairly common (as far as I can tell).

Every student arriving at FSU should have taken the courses in high school necessary to be prepared to select any major – English, engineering, political science, math, whatever.  Unfortunately, too many students arriving at FSU are not prepared to select engineering, math, computer science or physics – the majors at the top of the pile shown below.  That is a shame, and it’s something that FSU admissions staff and state policy-makers should be working to fix.




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