STEM education news from Leon County Schools

In a Tallahassee Democrat op-ed published several weeks ago, I challenged the candidates for Leon County Superintendent of Schools to lay out plans for propelling the district’s schools into Florida’s top STEM tier with Brevard and Seminole Counties.  I am not surprised that there has been no response.

In fact, the only Leon County STEM education news that has come my way since then comes from Lincoln High School, which was the district’s best high school for science and math a decade ago.  Lincoln is laying off three young (and according to someone I trust, very strong) science teachers.  I’m sad for these three teachers, even though they will have no trouble finding opportunities elsewhere – either in the teaching profession or in another profession.  But I’m even sadder for the students who would have had these teachers and now will have less opportunity to become excited about science.  It’s a real shame.

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