SUS performance funding program: FSU last in the system in bachelor’s degree metric

For the last several years, much of the new funding coming into Florida’s public universities has been allocated via the performance funding mechanism, which awards universities funding according to system-wide metrics as well as institution-specific metrics.

One of the system-wide metrics is the percentage of bachelors’ degrees given by an institution that are listed in the Board of Governors’ list of “Programs of Strategic Emphasis”.  The Programs of Strategic Emphasis include not only STEM fields, but also fields listed in the categories of “Education”, “Health”, “Global Competitiveness” and a last category labeled “Gap Analysis”, which basically picks up high demand fields that are not in any of the other categories.  One example of a “Gap Analysis” program:  “Public Relations/Image Management”.

Among the eleven State University System institutions that are presently being rated under the performance funding model (Florida Polytechnic University was not rated this year), FSU has the worst result – 39%.  That is, only 39% of the bachelors’ degrees conferred by FSU are in Programs of Strategic Emphasis.  New College of Florida is next lowest at 40%.  But the rest of the SUS institutions have percentages of 45% or higher.  UF leads at 56%.


The (long) list of Programs of Strategic Emphasis is given in the spreadsheet linked here:



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