Not a surprise: Few 5’s on new AP Physics 1 and 2 exams

With the new AP Physics 1 and 2 exams demanding a greater degree of inquiry in instruction, and some teachers having to significantly change the way they teach physics, it wasn’t surprising that the score distributions for the two exams – and particularly the number of 5’s – ran a little low this year.

AP Program Director Trevor Packer released the score distributions via twitter a few weeks ago.  Packer also tweeted that “AP Physics 1 was a new AP course and exam this year, with nearly double the number of students who took AP Physics B last year.”

The state-by-state AP participation spreadsheets that contain a bounty of data have not yet been released for 2015.

A hat tip to my undergraduate assistant and future high school physics teacher Connor Oswald for letting me know about this.

AP Physics 1

5:  4.1%

4:  12.8%

3:  20.0%

2:  30.2%

1:  32.9%

AP Physics 2

5:  8.4%

4:  14.0%

3:  32.8%

2:  34.9%

1:  9.9%

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