NPR blog State Impact Florida posts on the future of Florida’s universities – race, better science instruction and, uh, online programs

State Impact Florida has posted three pieces on the future of Florida’s public universities yesterday and today.

At the top of the blog right now is a summary of an article in the Washington Post detailing the decline of black student enrollment at FSU and UF, which has fallen to 6% at UF and 7% at FSU.  21% of the state’s residents are black.

My own piece on the importance of interactive in-person introductory science courses is presently second in the stack.  I mention the progressive physics teaching programs at Florida A&M University, Florida International University, the University of Central Florida, and the University of West Florida, as well as at FSU.

Next is an interview with UF President Kent Fuchs.  During the interview, Fuchs talks about UF’s expanding portfolio of online degree programs.  It’s worth noting that the Washington Post education blog Answer Sheet is reporting on another new UF online program.

How’s that for moving in two very different directions?

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