FSU trails SUS in production of bachelors’ degrees in science and engineering

Despite FSU’s success over the decades in nuclear physics, materials science, meteorology, chemistry and the life sciences, the university still trails Florida’s State University System in the production of bachelors’ degrees in science and engineering.  In 2012-13, FSU awarded 11.98% of its bachelors’ degrees in computational sciences, engineering, biological sciences, mathematical sciences, and physical sciences.  (For the aficionados, that is CIP codes 11, 14, 26, 27 and 40)  The SUS as a whole awarded 14.77% of its bachelors’ degrees in those fields.

As the figure below shows, FSU is ahead of the SUS rates in computational sciences, mathematical sciences and physical sciences.  FSU trails the SUS in the biological sciences (despite FSU’s tremendous investments in those fields in the last 20 years) and, of course, engineering.  The engineering issue is particularly vexing for FSU.

If these are the fields of the future (and we keep being told that they are) then perhaps it is a reasonable goal for FSU to beat the SUS averages in these fields.  Adopting such a goal would certainly steer the institution’s effort in a different direction from the present one.


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