Kiplinger’s “Worst College Major for Your Career”? Exercise Science.

In August, Kiplinger released its 2014-2015 list of “Worst College Majors for Your Career”.  For those who think that anything that has the word “science” in its title should be an economic winner, the news might be unsettling – #1 on the list of worst college majors is Exercise Science.

It is worth noting that Florida State University is number one in the State University System in graduating new bachelors’ degrees in Exercise Science.  In 2012-2013, FSU graduated 260 bachelors’ degrees in this major (which has CIP code 31.0505, in case you want to check up on me).  In fact, FSU graduates more bachelors’ degrees in Exercise Science than the rest of the State University System combined (169).

Kiplinger’s reports that there about 800 online job postings per year for Exercise Science majors.  That’s nationally, not in Florida.

It’s also worth noting that Exercise Science is a very popular major for FSU students aspiring to attend medical school.  Kiplinger’s notes that Exercise Science majors who continue on to postgraduate studies in the health professions often do fine, but that those who stop at a bachelor’s degree generally struggle economically.

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