Leon County surges to 3rd place in Florida district physics ranking

With its 70% increase in high school physics enrollments this fall, Leon County surged into third place in the 2014-2015 District Physics Index (DPI) rankings of Florida school districts.

The DPI is calculated by dividing a district’s total of enrollments in Physics 1, Honors Physics 1, Honors Physics 2, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2 and AP Physics C by the number of 12th graders.  Leon County, which has 1,886 12th graders this year, has 1,048 students enrolled in physics classes, for a DPI of 0.556.  Last year, Leon had a total of 619 students in regular, honors and AP physics classes.

Brevard and Seminole Counties, the state’s traditional leaders in high school physics, have DPI’s of 0.747 and 0.720, respectively.

Wakulla County, with a DPI of 0.381, was fourth in the state but far behind Leon County.

The number of Florida school districts not offering physics at all edged up to 12 this year from 11 last year.

A HUGE “thank you” goes to Cheryl Etters at the FLDOE for rounding up physics enrollment data and school membership data for this fall.


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