Physics enrollments explode at Leon County high schools

Corrected, December 27: Physics 1 numbers for Leon High School both 2013-14 and 2014-2015 were left out of the previous district total calculations.

Physics course enrollments at Leon County’s public high schools have exploded this fall, increasing by 70% over last year’s level.  1043 students are registered for physics courses district-wide this fall, compared to 613 last year.

Rickards has led the charge, quadrupling its physics enrollment from 38 last year to 150 this year.  The bulk of the increase at Rickards has been in the revolutionary new AP Physics 1 course, which was introduced this fall.  98 students are registered for the new course at Rickards.

At Godby, where physics was reintroduced a few years ago, enrollment doubled from 49 students last year to 118 this year.

Lincoln also had a dramatic increase from 156 last year to 283 this year.  As at Rickards, the new AP Physics 1 course played an important role in the increase, attracting 105 students this fall.

Enrollment increases of 32% took place at Leon and Chiles High Schools as well.


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