FSU’s faculty and students should think hard this weekend about how they will conduct themselves during the next two weeks

FSU’s present presidential search has now moved far beyond the TK search in its lack of civility. This weekend, students and faculty should give some serious thought to how they will conduct themselves during the next two weeks.

Bridge to Tomorrow

In my 28 years at Florida State, I’ve served only one academic year in the Faculty Senate. That was 2002-2003, the year of the presidential search that resulted in the hiring of TK Wetherell, who was then President of Tallahassee Community College and had previously been Speaker of the Florida House (and he had run a kickoff back for a touchdown against Miami in the 1960’s).  The Faculty Senate, seeing the presidential search tilt toward TK, considered a motion of no confidence in the Board of Trustees. I stood up and argued that since the only thing the Board really does is hire a president that it would be counterproductive to fight them over the presidential hire – that it might permanently ruin the relationship between the faculty and the Board. I suggested that the Faculty Senate save its energy for coaxing our new president to hire the right Provost…

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