American Physical Society’s Committee on Education calls on all states (including Florida!) to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards

Twelve states have adopted the Next Generation Science Standards since their release in April 2013.  Florida is not yet among them.

With my two-year term as chair of the American Physical Society Committee on Education winding down, I thought it was a good time to repeat the committee’s statement on the Next Generation Science Standards.  It is unequivocal.

The American Physical Society Committee on Education has reviewed the sections pertaining to physics education and recommends the Next Generation Science Standards for adoption by states. The Committee further urges states to implement the necessary discipline-specific teacher professional development to enable all students to meet these standards.

The committee didn’t say that the standards needed modifications.  It said they are fine exactly as they are, at least in physics.

There were some objections to the physics standards from the Fordham Institute, which prior to that had been a trusted source of wisdom on science standards.  However, the institute’s position on the high school physics standards reflected a disconnect from reality on the part of their physics reviewer.

I’m still hoping that when it is safe for Florida’s science education community to talk about science – after the election – that the Next Generation Science Standards will be installed as they are.


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