Particle physics research and experience teaching others on the road to a patent law career for this FSU Physics undergrad


This may not be what you think of as preparation for law school and a career in patent law.  But maybe you should.

FSU undergraduate physics major Austin Skeeters, who is planning on a career in patent law, is helping one of the experimental teams that identified the Higgs Boson at CERN’s LHC facility find a detector material to replace the crystals that helped identify the Higgs.  Those crystals are now limping along with radiation damage.

And his teaching experience as a “learning assistant” in FSU’s studio physics program transformed the way he sees teaching, learning and communication in general.

An undergraduate major in science or engineering is one of the routes to qualification for patent law, and physics majors are among the leaders in scoring on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT).  Furthermore, Austin isn’t alone among FSU’s physics students and alumni in choosing patent law as a career.

Read more about Austin’s undergraduate experience at FSU and his career plans at the Future Physicists of Florida blog.

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