From the Florida Courier: Choose your college major wisely

Given Arne Duncan’s comments on racial inequities in access to high school math and science courses and the rather striking results of an analysis of disparities in AP science and math courses in Florida’s schools, it seems appropriate to quote from a commentary recently published in the Florida Courier, a weekly newspaper serving Florida’s African-American community:

According to several polls, including Harris and Career Builders’ polls, employers expect to hire more college graduates based on feedback from more than 2,000 hiring managers and human resource professionals from various industries. In fact, 57% of employers plan to hire new college graduates, up from 53% last year.

Businesses and other organizations intend to hire graduates in percentages from these majors: computer/information (28%), engineering (18%), math/statistics (14%), health/clinical services (14%), communications technology (12%), engineering technologies (11%), liberal areas (10%), education (7%), science technologies (7%), and communications/journalism (7%). Consequently, in society, getting hired can be shown as the important effect on the demand for any particular college major.  If there is no demand or interest for college major, students will have a difficult time in finding gainful employment.

Despite this positive prospect, many employers feel that most college graduates are not prepared for the workforce. According to a recent study, 24% of employers do not feel that recent graduates are prepared for positions in their companies. Sadly, employers do not have the time and patience to groom prospective graduates who are talented but lack experience or preparation for the workforce.

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