Monday’s AP Physics B exam will be last ever

Monday’s administration of the AP Physics B exam will be the last ever, as its replacements, AP Physics 1 and 2, will be taught in the fall.

The new algebra-based physics courses are each intended to be year-long courses.  As a result, the sequence will provide more complete coverage of the topics typically covered in a two-semester algebra-based sequence at colleges and universities.

Many colleges and universities have already agreed to accept the new courses for credit.  In addition, some high school physics teachers taught AP Physics 1 this year so that their students could continue on to AP Physics 2 next year and take both exams in May, 2015.

The Florida Department of Education articulation office has scheduled a review of the new AP physics courses for next month to determine whether the courses should be awarded algebra-based physics credit at the state’s public colleges and universities.

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