Network of companies to fund differential pay for math and physics teachers in UK

From the Telegraph:

Teachers in state schools are to be partly funded by private business for the first time under new plans to raise standards of education.

Top graduates will be paid £40,000 a year to train as teachers in the deal, which will see companies such as Goldman Sachs, RBS, Barclays and BAE systems contibuting to their salary.

The salary is almost twice the usual starting pay for trainee teachers and is around 50 per cent higher than the national average wage.

The scheme will see the firms part-fund graduates with PhDs in maths or physics so they can train and work in the classroom to improve children’s understanding of the subjects, which are seen as vital to economic growth.

George Osborne, the Chancellor, and Elizabeth Truss, the Education Minister, will announce the plans this week, with around 100 top students expected to be parachuted into schools over the next three years.

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