Maybe next year: Florida’s K-12 leaders should really talk with science, math and engineering faculty from the state’s universities

From my February 12 Tallahassee Democrat op-ed:

It’s time for those who lead our K-12 schools to start talking with university professors in math, science and engineering about what needs to be done to give more students access to careers in these fields. Somebody — and it doesn’t matter whether it’s the commissioner of education, legislative leaders, the State Board of Education or the governor — should appoint a committee of professors in these fields who have an interest in the interface between K-12 and the universities. Then this committee should sit down with science and math coordinators from the school districts and talk about problems and how to fix them.

Now here’s something you didn’t know:  I didn’t come up with this idea.  In fact, the idea came to me from two independent sources.  One was former Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett, who left that post before he had a chance to put it into action.  The second was nationally visible Common Core opponent Sandra Stotsky, who is deeply concerned that the Common Core will distract the K-12 schools from the education of our top quartile students – those who have the ability to provide scientific and technological leadership in the future.

No matter what you think of Drs. Bennett and Stotsky (and I respect and even like both), the dialogue they proposed between the K-12 schools and university science, math and engineering faculty is a good idea.  Can we talk?

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