Maybe next year: When will Florida double down on recruiting more great math teachers?

Florida talks a good game on teacher quality, but the state is doing nothing meaningful to recruit more great math teachers for its middle and high schools. When will we decide to do so?

Bridge to Tomorrow

From this morning’s Tallahassee Democrat:

The state’s middle school students are struggling in math. And in a 21st century economy that relies heavily on innovation in science and technology and in which our kids will be in a desperate competition with students from leading states like Massachusetts and high-flying nations like China and Korea to maintain middle class lives, that’s really bad news…

So Florida should do what any successful business would do given a glaring weakness in its operation — scour the nation and world for the best math teachers and do whatever it takes to get them into our middle schools.

It may take the addition of a supplement of as much as $10,000 per year on top of the standard teaching salary to attract a great teacher from Michigan (for example) to Florida.

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