Maybe next year: This year’s Florida Legislature will not be addressing the woeful standard high school diploma, which is neither career-ready nor college-ready

Unfortunately, the Florida Legislature will not be addressing the problem of the woeful standard high school diploma this year. The standard diploma, approved by last year’s Legislature and signed into law by Governor Scott, was a backlash against the college-ready standard diploma approved in 2010 as part of SB 4, which never came fully into effect.

Bridge to Tomorrow

For awhile during this spring’s session of the Florida Legislature, it looked like the backlash against 2010’s SB4 high school graduation requirements might turn out to be constructive.  The Senate Education Committee – driven by its chair, John Legg – was looking at a two-track high school graduation system that would have required students to be either college-ready or career-ready.  The career-ready track would have sacrificed some of the SB4 math and science requirements, but instead it would have substituted a requirement to have an industry certification in some field so that the new graduate could get a decent job right out of high school.  The bottom line?  If you’re not going to college, you should be ready to get a good job right out of high school.  One or the other.

But the House Education folks had other ideas.  Their general approach was that math and science are for…

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