Tallahassee Democrat op-ed: Florida is only average in AP calculus, but we could do much better

From this morning’s Tallahassee Democrat:

Every student who arrives at one of Florida’s universities should have a strong background in literature and writing and be ready to take on the challenge of majoring in English or other humanities fields.

Many of the state’s high schools and students are taking this challenge seriously: More than one-fifth (20.8 percent) of Florida’s 2013 high-school graduates took the first Advanced Placement English class, called English Language and Composition, and half of those passed the AP exam, earning university credits. The success of the AP English program demonstrates a commitment to preparing our best and brightest students for success in the humanities.

But when it comes to math and preparing for college majors in engineering and the physical sciences, it is a different story. Only 8.0 percent of Florida’s 2013 high-school grads took the first Advanced Placement calculus course, Calculus AB, and only about half of those passed….

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