From the Gainesville and Ocala papers: “State not producing enough science grads, study confirms”

I could have done this study for the Florida Board of Governors myself, and I would have settled for one-tenth what they paid whoever did it.


Some highlights from the Ocala Star-Banner article:

Florida’s public universities are producing a little more than half as many engineers, mathematicians, scientists and technicians than they need to in order to meet the demand of job growth in the next decade, according to a study presented to the Florida Board of Governors…

Outgoing Board Chairman Dean Colson said he is concerned about whether STEM is a myth or reality after reading a recent article in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

A person with a bachelor’s degree in biology would find it hard to get a job, the article stated. And that biology degree would be a stepping stone not to a job but to a more advanced degree, the article continued.

Colson also noted that the state is losing engineers, who are graduating and going out of the state or into non-engineering fields.

“It is shocking that we’re exporting 47 percent of our engineering grads,” Colson said. “It’s not that our universities aren’t creating enough engineers. There are probably plenty of engineers.”


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