Why some people oppose the Common Core

From the Sept 8 Daytona Beach News-Journal:

Critics say establishing a national set of standards diminishes state and local control. Opponents like Osborne and Joel Paige, a parent who organized the New Smyrna Beach meeting, see Common Core as a threat to the principles on which the United States was founded.

“There is no individuality. It is literally brain washing your children into a philosophy that we, as a nation, cannot accept,” said Osborne, who fears the federal government will collect all kinds of private information about the nation’s children under the guise of Common Core.

Paige believes Common Core is an outgrowth of theories developed by Marxist philosophers who fled their German homeland when Hitler rose to power and then “set up shop” at Columbia University in New York before returning to Germany after World War II.

For a somewhat more reasonable digest of concerns about the Common Core, check out the list on the web site of Florida Parents Against Common Core.  The primary concerns listed there are federal overreach, lack of parental input, intrusive tracking of student progress, and a high price tag.

The FPACC web site includes a comment from a Stanford math professor emeritus on the Common Core validation committee who said that the Common Core does not prepare students for university math courses.  The Common Core math standards top out at Algebra 2, and that certainly would not be considered adequate preparation for entering Stanford, or majoring in engineering or physics at FSU, for that matter.  But that is not the intent of the Common Core, which is to define minimal preparation for college and career.

The FPACC web site also includes this warning:  “Next on the Common Core Agenda – Expect the feds to aggressively push adoption of national standards in science and social studies, just as they have in English and math.”

I’m thinking that FPACC has little to worry about on that score.

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