Rick Hess on Fordham’s Science Can Wait recommendation: Maybe not so good

From today’s redefinedonline.org chat with Rick Hess:

Ron Matus: Rick, switching subjects again: here’s one from FSU physics professor Paul Cottle (a diehard for improved science instruction): We hear a great deal about improving “STEM education,” but in its recent review of the Next Generation Science Standards the Fordham Institute said, “most states already have full plates of education reforms that are plenty challenging to implement, often including the Common Core State Standards for English language arts and math. Before undertaking any major change in their handling of science education, state leaders would be wise to consider whether they have the capacity to accomplish this in the near term, too.” My question is this: Should we take Fordham’s advice and defer improvements in science education until we have solved the challenges of student achievement in the Common Core disciplines – math and English language arts?

Comment From Rick Hess: I’m not sure I buy their recommendation here. In fact, that’s part of my concern with the Common Core– that it’s doubling down on NCLB, further squeezing out talk of everything that’s not math or reading.

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