Despite big AP push, Florida trails nation in AP science and calculus courses

The plots below show the percentages of high school grads in the Class of 2012 who had earned passing scores on the AP Biology, Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry and Physics exams.  The physics results are the sums of percentages for Physics B (which is being phased out next year) and Physics C Mechanics.

The plots show three percentages for each exam – one for Florida, one for the nation, and one for Massachusetts, the nation’s leader in preparing high school students for college majors in science and engineering.

The data come from the 2012 AP Report to the Nation.

Update (8/6, 3:00 pm):  The Class of 2010 versions of the statistics shown below were used in the 2011 Science and Engineering Readiness Index.  I was asked about the other components of the index – namely the percentages of 8th graders rated proficient or better on the math and science NAEP tests.  For math, those percentages were

US     35%

FL     28%

MA     51%

In science,

US     32%

FL     28%

MA     44%

biocalc abcalc bcchemphys

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