Compare American states to other nations in math and science with the NAEP-TIMMS linking study!

At least a few states.

Only two states (Florida and North Carolina) compared their 4th graders, but nine (Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota and North Carolina) compared their 8th graders.

The results show that Massachusetts really is world-class in science.  In 8th grade science, only Singapore was significantly better than Massachusetts, and the state was statistically equal with Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and (ahem) Minnesota.

In 8th grade science, Florida is at the American average, and well above the international average.  But it is significantly behind Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Finland, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Alberta (a Canadian province that was also included in the linking study).

Enjoy exploring the results of the NAEP-TIMMS linking study here.

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