On teacher education: Why worry? Eli Broad has it all figured out!

From Eli’s July 3 op-ed in the Los Angeles Times:

Rather than relying on schools of education to deliver on this promise, I would advocate a different approach: Help aspiring teachers develop content expertise by requiring them to study math, science, English and other core subjects for three years, and then provide top performers in each subject area with the training and support they need to learn how to teach the content.

Once they have the content knowledge, however, it is important to hone instructional techniques and gain classroom management experience through a rigorous student teaching experience. Yet 3 out of 4 education schools failed to ensure that student teachers were paired with the kind of highly skilled veterans from whom they can learn best practices.

Those other issues we worry about in physics teacher ed –  like starting salaries, early teaching experiences,  and the fact that it really does take four years to become a strong bachelor’s-level physicist?  Remember those?  Eli says it’s no problem!  Stop worrying!

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