Yes, I have a Twitter account: @PaulCottlePhys

And I focus my tweets on science education issues, like the progress of the Next Generation Science Standards and college readiness.  If you want to know what I’m having for dinner or how my son is swimming at his latest swim meet, you’ll have to get to know me in person – you’re not going to get that from my Twitter account.

I tweet items that you will not see here in the blog.  For example, this morning I’ve tweeted a video made at FSU’s National High Magnetic Field Laboratory by one of FSU’s finest graduate students in physics about why he became interested in a science career (and he happens to be African-American).  I’ve also tweeted the Los Angeles Times‘ coverage of today’s NGSS discussion at the meeting of the California Board of Education.  The LA Times story includes disparaging comments made about science teaching in California by the President of the Fordham Institute, which has also issued a scathing critique of the NGSS.

If you’re interested in goings-on at the FSU Physics Department, particularly having to do with undergraduate physics majors, follow us at @FSUPhysics.

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