Dear President [fill in your president’s name here], please adopt new admissions requirements for our university

Dear President [fill in the name of your Florida university president here]:

Our state has adopted a new high school graduation scheme, and there are now three “tracks” to graduation – a standard diploma, a track that requires that a student earn industry certification in high school, and a third called “scholar”.  [Your university’s name goes here] should change its minimum admissions requirements for new high school graduates to match the requirements for the “scholar” track.

The standard diploma will now fall short of what is generally considered “college-ready”, requiring only Algebra 1 and Geometry in math (not Algebra 2) and not requiring any physical science (neither chemistry nor physics).

In math, the “scholar” track will require students to take Algebra 2 plus “one credit in statistics or an equally rigorous course.”  The science requirements for the scholar track are somewhat convoluted.  The requirements are Biology 1, “chemistry or physics”, and then another science course that is “equally rigorous to chemistry or physics”.

Florida’s adoption of the scholar graduation track gives [your university’s name goes here] an opening to raise the bar for its students.

Thank you for your consideration.

[Your name goes here]

Professor of [your field goes here]

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