Wondering what’s important in South Dakota schools? It’s not science.

From the Sioux Falls Argus Leader:

The state standards that drive what goes on in South Dakota science classrooms are among the worst in the nation, according to an education think tank, and the standards that might take their place aren’t much better.

The Next Generation Science Standards, which were released in April and already have been adopted by three states, received a C grade in a review published today by the Ohio-based Thomas B. Fordham Institute. South Dakota was one of 26 states that took the lead on writing those standards, but state education officials have not yet decided whether to adopt them…

…The South Dakota Department of Education now is working with schools to implement the Common Core in math and English, so updating science standards is on the back burner.

“The department is continuing to review the NGSS standards, but we do not have a time line for bringing any science standards to the Board of Education,” spokeswoman Mary Stadick Smith said by email.

“We recognize that South Dakota’s science standards need to be updated, and we’ve been involved in that conversation for many months. But we also know that schools across the state are deeply engaged in the transition to new standards in math and English-language arts. As a system, we need to be concentrating our time and energies on this important work before we would address any other content areas.”



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