Hey! Kansas adopted the Next Generation Science Standards!

Even with the controversy over the Common Core swirling all around it, the NGSS sailed to an easy 8-2 adoption victory at the Kansas Board of Education meeting today.  Kansas, with its history of evolution education controversy, became the first red state to fully adopt the NGSS.  (Coverage from the Topeka Capital-Journal here)

After hours of negative public testimony to the Board about the Common Core, the comments about the NGSS were almost uniformly positive.  In addition, a petition with 2,500 signatures in support of adoption and a rally by NGSS supporters outside the meeting demonstrated that there was a grass roots constituency for NGSS adoption.  In contrast, the public comments on Common Core seemed to indicate that there was no popular support at all for the math and English language arts standards.

Perhaps the lesson is that widespread adoption of NGSS will depend on grass roots organizing.  In Florida, that will be the Florida Citizens for Science. Joe, Jonathan, Brandon and the rest of you – I hope you are ready!

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