Kansas may postpone vote on NGSS

The chair of the Kansas Board of Education told the Associated Press that the board may postpone its vote to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards, which is on the agenda for tomorrow’s (Tuesday) meeting.

The KBOE agenda includes a “Citizens’ Open Forum” prior to the scheduled vote on the NGSS, and the chair, Jana Shaver, said that the board will listen to the comments before deciding whether to vote.

Kansas was one of the 26 “lead state partners” in the NGSS development process.  However, the state has a colorful history of controversy over evolution education.

The state board of education in another “lead state partner”, Maine, will vote on adoption on Wednesday.

Rhode Island has adopted the NGSS, and Kentucky has provisionally adopted the standards.  Kentucky’s state board approval is subject to review by the state’s legislature, where there is likely to be resistance.

Florida’s one-month public comment period on the NGSS is underway.

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