For science education advocates, something to think about from the reaction to FCAT results

From a report on this year’s FCAT results by the Orlando Sentinel’s Leslie Postal:

“The FCAT results are flat, and I find that personally unacceptable,” Bennett said during a telephone call with reporters.

“I think it has to do with focus, frankly,” he said. “I think we have to return to a rigor and a concentration on writing, reading and math at the elementary levels.”


Stone Lakes Elementary in east Orange bucked the state trend by improving in both math and reading FCAT scores this year.

“Their daily homework is harder than the FCAT. We have rigorous course work and high expectations and the kids just reach for it,” said Principal Ginny Kennerly.

Stone Lakes arranged classrooms by ability, with the lowest-performers in classes of 10 or less. The students who struggled also were pulled out of science and social studies to get extra help from their teachers.

“They have to know how to read and do math first. That’s where you have to focus,” Kennerly said.


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