“I thought with a degree from New College, people would come to me, wanting me to work for them,” says psychology grad in Tampa Bay Times series. News flash: It didn’t happen.

That’s a snippet from one of the three depressing stories the Tampa Bay Times published over the last several days on grads from New College, the public “Honors College of Florida.”  Their majors?  Anthropology, English, and Psychology.

During today’s organizational session of the Florida Legislature, new Senate President Don Gaetz set this as one of the Senate’s priorities:  “To lash higher education to the realities and opportunities of the economy so Florida’s sons and daughters will be prepared with college and university degrees that lead to high-pay, high demand jobs.”

That represents a change in direction for Florida’s State University System, one that will generate some pain.  But how many more stories like those told by the Times do we need?

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