Florida Polytechnic Board Chair on the science preparation of Florida high school students: “It’s just weak”

Florida Polytechnic University Board of Trustees Chair Robert Gidel, in an interview with the Lakeland Ledger:

The focus on applied education, although that was being done in all the state universities, it wasn’t being done to the level that this state needs, that this country needs, that this world needs. You have two drivers for why that is. One is, ¬≠unfortunately, the basic education kids are getting in these kinds of sciences in high school. It’s just weak. It’s worse in Florida than in many places, but it’s weak all over the place. Two, it hasn’t been institutionally or culturally supported. The kids that really want to pursue this, these kinds of disciplines, need to be in an environment where they have their own support groups. We should celebrate these people, not discourage them.

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