Washington Post: New K-12 goals in Virginia based on race – a higher performance goal is set for Asian students than for white students, and lower performance goals are set for African-American and Latino students

Hat tip to Gradebook.

From the Washington Post:

Virginia intends to revise its new goals for student achievement in public schools, after state and federal officials agreed that those goals did not do enough to narrow the gap between students with the worst and best scores on annual state exams.

But the federal government continues to support perhaps the most controversial feature of the state plan, which calls for different achievement goals for students according to race, family income and disability.

Under the plan, Asian students are expected to achieve a higher pass rate on state exams than white students, while the state sets lower goals for Hispanic, black and special-education students.

That kind of sorting — different goals for different groups of students — has been attacked in recent days by some civil rights leaders in the state.

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