Breakthrough! Florida rises from 50th to 49th on the ACT Science section

The 2012 ACT state results are here.

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Orlando Sentinel coverage here.


Commissioner Robinson has released a statement on the ACT results.  Here it is:

Statement from Education Commissioner Gerard Robinson – Florida’s 2012 ACT Report

“Florida’s 2012 ACT scores released today show that students in our public schools have improved performance in every subject area – while the national average in each area is at a standstill, showing no improvement. For the fifth year in a row, Florida has expanded participation and continued to see performance growth on the ACT. Florida’s minority students also improved their scores across all subject areas. There is still work to be done and room to grow; however, I am pleased to share this good news and applaud our students and teachers for their hard work. As we move forward with Common Core Standards, our state will be in the best position to ensure that every student is ready to excel in college and careers.”

Highlights of the 2012 ACT Condition of College & Career Readiness report are below.

  • Keeping with the trend over the last five years, Florida increased the number of graduates taking the ACT while also increasing average scores in all subject areas of the test. While national scores either slightly decreased or remained unchanged, Florida saw small increases in every subject area and the overall composite score.
  • Florida students made gains toward the national average in each subject area in 2012. Average ACT scores nationwide were mostly unchanged from 2011 to 2012, with the only change in English, where average scores decreased by one-tenth of a point.
  • Florida has a larger proportion of minority students taking the ACT than in the nation. Florida’s minority students also experienced an increase in average ACT scores across all subject areas.
    • Approximately 56.4% of Florida’s ACT test takers are minority students, compared to 35.9% nationwide.
    • Florida has considerably larger percentages of African American and Hispanic students taking the ACT than the nation. In 2012, African American students represented 24% of Florida test takers, compared to 13.3% for the nation. Hispanic students represented 26.2% of Florida test takers, compared to 14.1% for the nation.
    • Over the past five years, Florida has experienced substantial growth in the number of minority students taking the ACT. African American test takers have increased by 26%, Hispanics by 45%, American Indians by 8%, and Asians by 15%.
    • Florida’s minority students experienced increases in average ACT composite scores from 2011 to 2012. African American composite scores increased from 16.3 to 16.5 and Hispanic students from 18.3 to 18.6.
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