Florida K-12 schools preparing to compete at the national level (but not in science)

An article in this morning’s Florida Times-Union reminds us that our state is preparing to raise its game so that it can compete nationally via the PARCC assessment program, which will be based on the Common Core Standards in math and English language arts.  The PARCC exams, which will be composed and administered by a consortium of states, will be fully implemented in Spring 2014.  Florida is one of the lead states in the PARCC consortium.

The article also notes that those who might worry that the Florida-based FCAT brand name might be lost have nothing to fear:  “The FCAT isn’t going away completely. Many Florida school districts will likely continue using FCAT to test students in science.”  That is, Florida’s students will be competing at the national level in math and English language arts, but we’ll continue to insulate our students from national competition in science.


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