Sherman Dorn reviews an online classical mechanics course

Prominent USF Professor of Education and blogger Sherman Dorn reviews an online classical mechanics offering by Stanford University professor Leonard Susskind.  Sound odd?  Well, it turns out that Sherman is a physics insider, with a physics major daughter and some interest of his own.  In fact, Sherman offers this, “I married a Bryn Mawr math major, so I know who Emmy Noether is and where she’s buried: Bryn Mawr College’s cloisters walkway.”  I’ll bet you didn’t know that.  I certainly didn’t.

Sherman’s bottom line:

On the other hand, online lectures, MOOCs, and similar efforts to broaden the reach of universities do serve a public purpose in the way that extension programs do, by providing access to university-based expertise. In that way, iTunes, Youtube, and MOOCs all have immediate utility and justification. I am delighted that anyone with an Internet connection can learn a little about poetry and physics online. We just shouldn’t expect these online opportunities to be more than what they are.

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