Science standards for Florida an action item at Thursday’s State Board of Ed meeting

Florida Board of Education members will vote this Thursday on a recommendation by the Education Commissioner to modify the existing state science standards and consider adoption of the national “Next Generation Science Standards” when they become available.

The “recommended next steps” on the science standards are:

1.  Improve weaknesses identified by Fordham in Florida’s current science standards in the areas of chemistry and physics.

2.  Thoroughly review and analyze the National Next Generation Science Standards draft as they are released, including submission of Florida comment as in the public comment review process, and prepare for adoption as part of our legislatively authorized standards adoption process in 2013-2014.

The first public draft of the national standards will be released this Friday, May 11.

Coincidentally, the results of the 2011 NAEP 8th grade science assessment will be released Thursday morning at 10 am, during the Board meeting.  The 2009 8th grade science assessment showed that Florida trails the national averages and rates in all statistics, including scale score (Florida 146 vs. Nation 150) and the percentage of students at or above the “proficient” achievement level (Florida 25% vs. Nation 30%).

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