Governor Scott establishes “Blue Ribbon” task force to review SUS, to be chaired by Florida Chamber Foundation President

Wasting no time in following up on his veto message for the FSU/UF tuition bill, Governor Scott yesterday established a “Blue Ribbon” task force to review Florida’s State University System.

The task force will be chaired by the President of the Florida Chamber Foundation, Dale Brill.

In a press release, Governor Scott said, “The state has a vested interest in ensuring its higher education system produces world-class talent to serve as engaged citizens and meet the demands of Florida’s emerging knowledge-based economy.  It’s time to assess the progress of prior reform efforts and identify strategies to improve efficiencies and enhance the system’s effectiveness as an economic catalyst.”

The emphasis on graduating students prepared to take jobs in Florida’s economy, and the appointment of a major player in the state’s chamber of commerce is consistent with the Governor’s focus on shifting the university system’s priorities toward fields in which students have strong economic opportunities.

The press release says that Brill is a “former full-time member of Florida State University’s faculty”.  The university’s present personnel directory lists Brill as an Instructor in Communication.  Governor Scott’s Chief of Staff Steve MacNamara was an Associate Professor of Communication in between several appointments to political posts in the state’s executive branch.

(I have never met either of them.)

In his veto message for the FSU/UF tuition bill, Governor Scott also called on the Board of Governors to initiate its own review.  The Board recently completed a strategic planning exercise for the SUS and has not yet announced any new review in response to the Governor’s call.

You can see the Tampa Bay Times article here.

The task force already has its own web site.

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