From Curriculum Matters: “Voters See Science Ed. as Priority”

From the Education Week blog Curriculum Matters:

The vast majority of American voters believe improving the quality of science instruction is “extremely” or “very” important to the nation’s ability to compete globally, but a majority grade the quality of such instruction as a “C” or below in this country, according to new survey data.

In fact, even when asked about their local schools (a question that generally tends to produce a more optimistic view of educational quality), only 3 percent of registered voters surveyed gave them an “A” for the quality of science teaching.

The survey data, released today at the annual conference of the National Science Teachers Association, also sought to probe attitudes toward the development of common standards in science. Nearly two-thirds, or 62 percent, say it’s better for all states to have the same science standards at each grade level. The survey was commissioned by Achieve, a Washington-based organization formed by governors and corporate leaders that just so happens to be working with a group of states on developing a set of uniform, “next-generation” science standards.

Imagine that.


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