The Supply and Demand of High School Physics Teachers: A session of invited talks at the Atlanta APS meeting

The American Physical Society’s Forum on Education is sponsoring a session of invited talks on the recruiting and education of high school physics teachers at the society’s upcoming national meeting in Atlanta.  The session, which will be held on Sunday (April 1 – no foolin’!) starting at 3:30 pm.  The speakers are:

Tim Sass, Georgia State University:  Sass recently moved to Georgia State from the Florida State University Economic Department.  His talk, titled “The pathways of high school science teachers and policy efforts to alter the pipeline,” will focus on “recent work on the supply of teachers from alternative pathways,” “the literature on teacher quality and attrition, emphasizing the current state of knowledge on secondary school teachers,” and “current policy initiatives and discuss the likelihood of their success given current research findings.”

Susan White, American Institute of Physics:  White’s talk, titled “Physics in US High Schools:  Truths and Untruths” will focus on the most recent Nationwide Survey of High School Physics Teachers.

Monica Plisch, American Physical Society:  Plisch will speak on “The PhysTEC project:  What it takes to recruit and educate more physics teachers.”


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