An industrial policy for education: how we will make decisions on educational priorities

An article in today’s Miami Herald describes a report released by Miami-Dade’s “economic development partnership,” called the “Beacon Council,” on the council’s “Education Assets Inventory” that was released yesterday.  The report provides a glimpse of how the public education system is moving toward a policy in which priority is given to educating workers to match the needs of local businesses.  An excerpt:

Local economic leaders say the report will help better match local degree and certificate programs with the job sectors that are poised for future growth. The Beacon Council has outlined seven target industries for Miami-Dade to focus on going forward — including aviation, hospitality and tourism, and international banking and finance.

Among the key findings:

• The report found that local colleges are producing somewhat fewer marketing and accounting graduates than the region needs, and considerably fewer computer science and software graduates than are needed. In other disciplines — biomedical engineering, biology, nursing and creative design — the region may be producing an oversupply of graduates.

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