Paul Ruscher on science standards: Florida’s scientists and science educators ready to contribute in the national standards push, but state holding them back

From the Tallahassee Democrat:

Two things have happened recently that shine further light on Florida and its readiness for true science education reform. First, Achieve, a nationwide effort begun by the nation’s governors, has already developed new national standards for mathematics and language literacy, an effort that Florida has enthusiastically supported. The group is now poised to finalize its national science standards effort; however, Florida has not yet signed on, though more than half of the states have.

The other glaring issue is that the Fordham Institute has once again evaluated all of the states’ science standards and has found Florida’s particularly wanting, with a grade of D. [note:  now changed to a “C” thank to intervention from the Florida Board of Education]…

Florida scientists and educators are among the best in the nation equipped to be part of this final editorial process, and it would be a welcome change to see both the Florida Department of Education and Board of Education sign on to this effort.

Paul Ruscher is on the faculty of FSU’s Department of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences.

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