Proposal to award high schools bonus points for “extra” math and science evaporates

The proposal to award high schools bonus points toward their school grades for students taking math and science courses beyond those required for graduation evaporated earlier this week.

The proposal, originally part of SB 1368, was deleted on the floor of the Senate shortly before it was tabled in favor of HB 7135, which is on its way to Governor Scott’s desk.

The pushback against the bonus points proposal was evident in a staff analysis of SB 1368, which included the statement, “According to the DOE, this may result in students enrolling in additional courses that are not required for students to graduate to inflate the points they receive for the non-FCAT components of high school grades.”  Of course, that was a trivial restatement of the intent of the proposal.  The implication, it seems, was that this was a bad thing.

But no worries – the proposal is gone.


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