Tampa Bay Times: Florida House and Senate agree on “$300 million one-time cut” for SUS institutions

I don’t quite understand what’s going on here, so I’ll just quote from the Times’ Buzz political blog:

A $300 million one-time cut from the general revenue funds of the state’s 11 universities. Although neither chamber has specified how those cuts will be spread across the system, the expectation is that universities would use reserve funds to cover the loss. It’s unclear if that means the cuts will be comensurate in size to each reserve fund, meaning some schools will take more of a cut than others. Sen. JD Alexander sold the idea by depicting those reserves as uncommitted savings accounts. But representatives from universities say while money in reserves may not be committed to a specific line item, they are used for routine expenses such as summer school and ongoing research funding included in faculty hiring packages. The Senate has suggested $400 million in cuts. The House had suggested $200 million that would recur every year. The House agreed to one-time cuts, and the Senate agreed to a lower amount.

According to The Buzz, they also agreed to allow universities to apply for the 15% differential tuition, as they have for the last several years.

The FSU/UF tuition bill is heading toward legislative approval, but it seems likely that Governor Scott will veto it.

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