The Governor’s school district rankings: Which districts overachieve?

Demographics is destiny in education.  Or is it?

Here’s my take on the Governor’s school district rankings – which were released this morning – showing the dependence of the district’s numerical score vs. % free/reduced lunch eligibility from 2010-2011:

What caught my eye was the three districts near 60% free/reduced lunch that have anomalously high scores.  They are Gilchrist (55%, 573), Dixie (64%, 557) and Sumter (58%, 559) counties.  Those three rural overachieving counties defy their demographics.

I’m attaching a spreadsheet with counties broken out in 10% ranges of free/reduced lunch eligibility and then ranked within those categories.  My own district, Leon, is at the bottom of the 20-30% category.

by lunch percent

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