From the Naples News: Governor Scott Rorschach test on education

h/t Gradebook

From a Naples News report on Governor Scott’s appearance at the News-Press Education Summit in Bonita Springs this morning:

The governor also talked about job creation, saying the key to employment after college starts with choosing the right major.

“I went to school to get a job,” he said, after an anecdote about his daughters whose friends had trouble finding careers after college in anthropology and journalism, among other fields.

“Maybe they got the wrong degrees. I’m not sure we told them there wouldn’t be jobs in those majors,” he said.

STEM majors, those focusing in science, technology, engineering and math, are touted as in demand, but few students choose to pursue those disciplines.

“We’ve been talking about this for 10 years, and less than 20 percent of our four-year graduates are getting STEM degrees,” Scott said.

So should we “tell” students which majors there will be jobs in?  If so, how?

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