Memphis school district halts physics classes a month after the beginning of the semester due to enrollment and budget issues

From the Memphis Commercial Appeal, in a Saturday story on disruptions and teacher unrest caused by enrollment and budget issues and teacher terminations:

As a result of the teacher shuffling, all sections of physics at Ridgeway High were dissolved this week, said 13-year chemistry teacher Talya Brown.

She was not placed Friday because there were no chemistry openings at the fair, and has no idea where she is supposed to report to work Monday.

Students were told Friday, a week before the quarter ends, that physics classes would no longer meet.

They will receive no credit for the partial class, Ridgeway officials said.

Ridgeway High has an IB program that does not offer physics, and the physics courses that are being terminated are not IB courses.  Several commenters noted the foolhardiness of terminating physics courses, particularly in mid-semester, leaving some of the school’s stronger students high and dry. 

One commenter referred to the Bridge to Tomorrow post on IB programs without IB physics, which sent traffic our way.  This is how I became aware of this situation.

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