Next Florida Senate President focuses on STEM education

From a blog post by Palm Beach Post political reporter John Kennedy, reporting on the selection of Niceville Republican Don Gaetz to be the next President of the Florida Senate:

[Gaetz] vowed to bolster the state’s political ethics, make education meet the state’s economic needs, and turn Florida into a “cradle of common sense solutions,” that can draw businesses with smaller government, low taxes, and reduced regulations…

Another multi-millionaire who has pledged to fix Florida’ s economy, Gov. Rick Scott, said he liked what he heard from Gaetz, a former county school board member and superintendent.

“He understands that we really have to do the right thing with regard to education. Science, technology, engineering and math are clearly going to be key to growing our state. It’s going to be a real key to getting companies to move here,” Scott said. “I like the challenge that he set down.”

Kennedy also pointed out that Gaetz is the Legislature’s wealthiest member.

The St. Pete Times political blog The Buzz reported that Gaetz also called for a “massive transformation of Florida’s higher education system to make it prepare more of tomorrow’s graduates for the needs of a high-tech work force.”

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